Brian Kagen pick: “Defensive vs Protective: A Matter of Mindset,” by Hunter B. Armstrong

“The word mindset is often bandied about in combative training, though it doesn’t seem to be easily defined nor well applied in practice. We prefer the term combative intent. While most people who use the term mindset seem to be referring to a “correct” mindset, inherently the word itself is basically neutral: one can either a positive mindset or a negative mindset. Combative intent, however, implies the will or volition to carry out a combative action. Nevertheless, whether using the word mindset or intent, a rose by another name is just as sweet…”

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  1. …this misses me. I think I heard it go overhead, but it didn’t get close to where I train. It is slightly better than the usual attack-defense mindset, but not to the point that I see much that’s helpful in aikido. Yes, the concept of protection is inherent in dojo training. Yes, aikido techniques CAN be non-injurious. But really good techniques will meet so little resistance that injury could easily result. Spending time/effort/thought avoiding that is a luxury which might be fatal in a situation.

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