Brian Kagen pick: “Donn Draeger,” by Mike Belzer

“Most people involved with the study of fighting arts are familiar with the name Donn Draeger . For some, they only knew him as ‘that guy who wrote all those martial art books’. To others he was one of the most highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced professional warriors they ever met. Through out his life he focused his energies on the fighting arts. In fact, Donn Draeger became known as the founder of modern hoplology.”

Brian Kagen is an avid web researcher with a particular interest in martial arts. His training background includes both judo and aikido. He has contributed hundreds of article links over the years for AJ readers.

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  1. I’m a generation behind Draeger sensei. I LOVE the term: hoplology! How about re-enacting the old Olympic event Hoplitodromos?

  2. warren little says:

    I had the opportunity to train with draeger one evening in the early part of 1957. at the washington dc judo club.
    he was still in USMC and stationed at the pentagon. he was training a young man there who was in the first judo team we sent to the olympics, and who won a bronze medal. i’m almost 80 so my memory of his name has faded. it was the thrill of my life and as i had only been in judo for a couple of years (USAF) i had my butt completely busted. he was a complete gentleman and it was a very enjoyable experience. i am still training but have been in aikido for 40 years.

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