Featured forum thread: “How to become a part of an aikido federation”

“Usually things work the other way around. First there is a relationship to a teacher, maybe to the teacher’s teacher and then naturally one joins the group of those people. If for whatever reason that relationship, that lineage, is broken, the dojo responsibles will first have to look for a sponsor, a sensei, a shihan who they can respect, who’s training they like and benefit from. Then they can join that person’s group and find a home for their rankings.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Welcome to the Camp, I guess you all know why we are here. My name is (*&$%^^) and I just started Aikido this year.

    The PRIVATE MESSAGING may indeed be proper for a forum response if the details are compromising in someway, such as the hoops one must jump through to join different organizations, such as dues, fees charged for membership and the right to belong to particular organizations, let alone support and instruction that is approved by both the organization and Hombu Dojo.

    The complicated answer is to visit different organizations, lay on the table all the pluses and minuses–What each organization has to offer and expects from you in participation and fees–and then examine the information for a period of time. Then make your own decision.

  2. For my few students, I simply asked whether they cared that their achievements be recognized by Tokyo. They didn’t. I encourage them to visit anywhere, but take a white belt.

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