Brian Kagen pick: “Grab my wrist; no, really!”, by Christopher Hein

“So why would anyone grab your wrist? Maybe they grab your wrist to pull you somewhere, or to put you in something. While some Aikido techniques may come in handy for this, usually it’s not important to the attacker that he be grabbing your wrist in these situations. He could just as likely be grabbing your hair, shirt, leg or whatever he can easily grab in order to drag you off to where he wants you. Aikido does have grabs from other place’s like collar and cuff, but wrist grabbing are heavily emphasized in Aikido forms.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    How about this … you are LEARNING TO MOVE YOUR ENTIRE BODY .. not just your arm, your upper body, but your entire body.

    Sorry .. but that is what you are supposed to learn as you break the opponent’s, uh .. your practice partner’s in this case, mental and physical balance.

  2. …we spend a lot of time grabbing, which in the normal fashion is a pretty dumb way to attack. so, as we spend so much time on it anyway, spent a year or so working on how to immobilize my partners with simple grabs, an elaboration of joint locking. use kokyu extension. btw, aikido techniques work best when the immobilizing grabs are used…

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