Brian Kagen pick: “Social Research in a Military Occupation,” by John W. Bennett and Iwao Ishino

“During the war large numbers of Americans and British were trained by the armed forces in the language, his tory, and culture of Japan. Still others, not so specially trained, were stationed in Japan as part of the Occupation forces and had the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the country. Out of these experiences has come a whole generation of social scientists who specialize in Japanese studies. Nearly every major American university has at least one of these people on its staff, and in several institutions, specialized institutes or study programs have developed around one or more of these scholars.”

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  1. …at the time we were very concerned to understand a culture that produced soldiers (even civilians) who didn’t surrender or retreat and who would, basically, fight to the last breath. I recommend “Hell to Pay” by Giangreco, USNI Press.

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