Do you have a blog in you?

Readers have for many months been able to read literally hundreds of blogs written by a number of talented writers cum martial artists who have graciously contributed to this website. The likes of Ellis Amdur, Peter Goldsbury, George Ledyard, Nev Sagiba, Clark Bateman, Lynn Seiser, Toby Threadgill, Mark Bilson, Todd Jones, David Lynch and others have provided very thoughtful and stimulating content to the Aikido Journal website and we are very grateful for their input.

If you have something of importance to say and have confidence in your writing ability, we encourage you to submit your text for review by the Aikido Journal editiorial staff. The process for doing so is outlined below.

Under “Blog” on the right hand menu, please click “Submit a new blog,” and you will find the interface where you can input your blog text for consideration. It will be reviewed and, if approved, posted on the front page of Aikido Journal.

We welcome all articles on aikido-related subjects. A quick look at what has been submitted so far will give you an idea of the broad range of topics covered. If you plan to make a submission, we ask that you carefully edit, or get assistance in editing your article before sending it to us. We have very limited resources for editing and have in the past rejected submissions that were not spellchecked or contained grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors.

If English is not your native language, we ask you to seek the assistance of a competent native speaker to edit and proofread your text prior to submission. Again, our limited resources do not permit us to undertake extensive editing and rewriting of texts.

We hope that many of you will respond to your urge to write and share your thoughts with others!

Speak Your Mind