Brian Kagen pick: “Aikido Kenkyukai International – Fudoshin Dojo”

“An important aspect of this training is the focus on high level Ukemi practise. Ones skill ultimately is how well one is able to follow and remain in centre with the Ukemi produced through the movement. The movement being the subtle shifts within the ether supporting the greater movement. To understand this concept and accept its practise indicates the level in ones understanding. Understand this and I will practise true Aiki survival techniques. Much school type practise of Aikido today is devoted to only low level Ukemi ie: Ukemi involving only forward and backward rolling. Higher level Ukemi travels far beyond this. Aikido practise must involve highly rigorous training to stimulate and purify the senses in order for a mind — body recognision of subtle variations within movement, revealing a complete universe in Ukemi spirit.”

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  1. At best, nage-waza is only half the picture. When ukemi and nage-waza start to come together, however, it gets a little confusing.

  2. Jose Santos says:

    Wow. I understand yet I don’t get it.

  3. Many Thanks to Brian Kagen for his pick with regards to my feelings on the relm of Ukemi and to Aikido Journal for showing the page.


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