“Warming Up the Mind for Martial Arts,” by Markos Marcou

“Some people may be thinking to themselves now, that a warm up is simply a way to heat up there joints and muscles etc so as to not cause injury to themselves. Although they are correct in thinking this, a warm up can be so much more. Whilst performing physical movements like stretches and light callisthenics, one should be thinking about what they are about to undertake, the level they are currently on, and ways in which to improve it.”

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  1. …perhaps warm ups are a low-impact way to practice shifting mental gears. how quickly can you simply fall into the task at hand? Lt Col John Boyd, among other things, invented the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act description of combat. you don’t observe when you are pre-occupied with other matters. just walking down any street can be a martial exercise, practicing zanshin. a fringe benefit is that it will be hard for somebody rolling through a stop sign and looking the other way to get you. so with exercise, how well can you coordinate yours with sensei, leaving out reliance on routine?

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