Passing of George Leonard Sensei reported by aikiweb.com

“I have received a report that George Leonard sensei of Aikido of Tamalpais has passed away. Born in 1923, Leonard sensei was the author of aikido-related books such as “The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei” and “Mastery” as well as many non-aikido books and articles. He held a fifth dan in aikido and taught at the Aikido of Tamalpais dojo in Marin County, CA. An interview with him may be found here.”

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  1. Haven’t seen Leonard sensei in years. His writing certainly reached a substantial audience.

  2. Over the years I met George Leonard on only a few occasions. I remember watching him pass his shodan test at about age 55, quite an accomplishment. Each time I saw him he was always very cordial. When I published the “Encyclopedia of Aikido” in 1991 he was kind enough to write an endorsement for the back cover of the book.

    He was quite a gentleman, a skilled aikido teacher and an outstanding writer. George will be greatly missed by the aikido community and beyond.

  3. …….Kipling must have been somehow spritually related to my friend George, because he said it best:

    ……..”He was a Man, the Likes of Which we shall not soon see again……..”

    ……..thank you for all George, all through the years……….with Respect and Gratitude…..and know that we, all of us, will have a ton of missing to do…..and

    Your picture will remain on our wall always
    always the first thing seen
    on entering our dojo

  4. To make a long story short, during my training as a student, one of the male students beginning his Aikido training was very frustrated, mainly due to his age of 49. I gave him an article written by George Leonard and what he endured before making his Shodan rank at 52. The student kept it close by and re-read it many times. I asked him, when he makes his Shodan to write an article for others to read. Well he made his Shodan.

    I had the opportunity to meet Leonard Sensei on one of his trips to Dallas. I brought Leonard Sensei’s article with me and had him personally autograph it for the student. He was so kind and that brief meeting will be something I will remember and cherish.

    Lynn Fabia

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