Brian Kagen pick: “Bara Bara training thoughts?” by Chris Farnham from

“Bara Bara is a Japanese word that generally translates as scattered, disperse, disconnected, in pieces…I am using it here in reference to the fact that I am currently training with multiple groups. I am regularly practice with two seperate groups with a third(a reletively nearby Shihan’s dojo) that I visit semi regularly, and on occasion I make trips to the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo and Hombu. While I sometimes enjoy seeing a variety of approaches to the art it can also be a bit frustrating when I am told to do something one way one dojo when two days earlier I was adamently told the exact opposite at another dojo.”

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  1. Persevere. You won’t be popular in any of the schools, but you may pick up the common thread that underlies all of them.

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