Are you a professional graphic artist and willing to help AJ with a book cover design?

A bit of exciting news! We are well along in the preparation of a new and historically important book on aikido titled Aikido Pioneers. Let me tell you a bit about this project. Built on the foundation of the now out-of-print Aikido Masters, this new title includes extensive interviews with 20 of the most prominent figures in aikido history. All direct students of the Founder Morihei Ueshiba, these early disciples were eyewitnesses and participants in the creation of the genial art of aikido. The list of those interviewed who appear in Aikido Pioneers to share their stories reads like a Who’s Who of Aikido: Noriaki Inoue, Kenji Tomiki, Hisao Kamada, Hajime Iwata, Minoru Mochizuki, Shigemi Yonekawa, Rinjiro Shirata, Gozo Shioda, Yoshio Sugino, Kiyoshi Nakakura, Takako Kunigoshi, Zenzaburo Akazawa, Bansen Tanaka, Tenryu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Minoru Hirai, Koichi Tohei, Kisaburo Osawa, Shigenobu Okumura and Kanshu Sunadomari. These interviews were conducted by AJ Editor Stanley Pranin in Japan over a 25-year period. The 20 painstakingly edited interviews fill more than 350 pages of fascinating reading. Aikido Pioneers will certainly constitute one of the most valuable resources on aikido history published to date.

We would like to have a really eye-catching image to grace the cover of this work. So if you are a professional graphic artist and would care to assist in the cover design of Aikido Pioneers, we would love to hear from you. Here is the procedure for getting our information packet with the information and images needed to put together a design to be submitted for consideration:

– Go to
– Enter your name and email address.
– Click on the “Topic” heading and choose the “Cover design for “Aikido Pioneers” topic.
– Please request the “information packet” and provide details about your professional experience and, if available, links to examples of your work.

Thank you.

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