“Aikido’s Koshinage,” by Autrelle Holland

“On one of their scrolls from their mokuroku, they have a technique called Kin Katsugi. This is one of their advanced techniques. Imagine my surprise when it was simply jodan tsuki koshinage as we have it in Aikido. This really got my brain running.”

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  1. I’m not a student of daito ryu, but would be willing to bet there’s a variant in their material. Seems to me that if hanmi is the basic aikido stance, and if sword is at the root of the art, our koshinage is a logical extension of stance and a sword taking hip throw.

    ps-tried posting this on Autrelle sensei’s site, but am not a registered user there.

  2. Mr. Warren – no worries! Although I don’t think you have to be to post comments on my blog.

  3. Stenudd Sensei Koshinage here…

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