Brian Kagen pick: “Psychology of Self Care: Aikido as a tool for reflection,” by Susan Harrow

“One Nage (the thrower or attacker) in particular is rough and strong. A few weeks ago he cracked every bone in my hand doing Nikyo “A technique which works through the wrist to lock the body”. We all heard it. Of course he was concerned. The instructor, a black belt student, admonished him to be more gentle. My hand ached for weeks. It still does. This Nage is super compact and dense, like a sack of cement. My feet have taken the brunt of his weight a number of times and they are black and blue. He always manages to step on my feet and, as a beginner, I’m not yet fast enough yet to get out of the way.”

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  1. I’m truly sorry. There is some good news here, though. You realize that you’re going to have to be quicker and better to avoid the abuse. I suspect that at some point the individual in question will disappear. Either he will be persuaded to leave by the instructor or senior students, or he will decide that aikido is too wussy for him and pack it up for UFC.

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