Brian Kagen pick: “Kiai Jutsu: The Shout Used As A Weapon,” by Christopher Caile

“One famous martial arts teacher who seemed to demonstrate the power of kiai repeatedly was Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido.In one video which shows him doing techniques in the latter part of his life, there is a sequence in which an attacker is literally blown back off his feet by a kiai uttered by Ueshiba. Is this a demonstration of real power or just the reaction of an apprehensive student all too willing to follow his teacher’s lead? Actually, I believe it is the former. My aikido teacher, Roy Suenaka Sensei, who studied with Ueshiba in Tokyo, recounted to me an experience that happened around 1961.”

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  1. I’m not particularly cooperative as an uke, and was mentally disarmed by Saotome Sensei. I think it was a body language thing, unless telepathy is real. I could spell shomen uchi. I could have said it. But actually DOING a good shomen uchi at that moment was outside my universe.

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