Brian Kagen pick: “The forgotten story of … Muhammad Ali v Antonio Inoki”

“Why fight a wrestler and demean the boxing title in many people’s eyes, Ali was asked. If his stated plan to retire at the end of the year was true, his answer was understandable. ‘Six million dollars, that’s why,’ the champion replied.”

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  1. Fighting when you don’t have to, which most of the time, is just plain dumb.
    Fighting to rules is even dumber and usually more destructive to health and integrity. If even for money. There are happier ways to make a quid.

    There is only one valid rule:
    Rule 1/ Avoid fights at all reasonable costs.

    There is another rule:
    Rule 2/Once the fight starts there are no rules.
    This means people will often die or be permanently injured.
    To resolve that, refer to rule No 1/

    The third rule is:
    Rule 3/ Train and practice all possibilities to find the simple, practical common applications, and this as if preparing for life and death battle.

    Then refer to rule 1/ and get on with life and being useful and productive to society.

    To his immense credit, Ali is a very skilled man. As a boxer. One of the best. He was not a wrestler. And with the utmost of respect, he was not a fighter in the sense which could be put to use as a physical Protector. Not all battles are physical and he shone more on the civil rights side of things.

    That particular “fight” was an unnecessary farce.

    Promoters would be best served in converting the millions into pennies and seeing how many they can fit up their rectum.

    Better sports exist.

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