“Are YOU Studying Japanese Culture, and Japan as Part of Your Aikido Research?” by Tony Wilden

“Learning about Japanese culture, and Japan is an excellent way of developing your understanding of the martial art of Aikido… The Japanese language has always played a major role in Japanese culture. Written in a combination of three scripts… hiragana came from the Chinese cursive script, katakana, came from a shorthand of Chinese characters, and kanji, imported from China.”

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  1. Excellent idea, and I have to take my hat off to people like Stan Pranin sensei and Bill Witt sensei who have become fluent. If you think aikido is hard, welcome to the Japanese language. This is not to say that some ability can’t be achieved with available time. It takes the same number of words to say “I don’t speak much Japanese” as it does in English (unlike Turkish which only needs 2….)

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