French-speaking volunteers sought for subtitling project!

Some readers may recall how a few years ago we made a concerted effort to solicit translations of our archived articles into various foreign languages. That outreach to the world aikido community was an unqualified success as volunteers busied themselves translating articles into their native tongues. Over time, some 200 translations were received, formatted and uploaded to our archives. I hope that at some point we will be able to revive this effort, but for the moment we are allocating our limited resources in a different direction.

The project we are now undertaking involves the inclusion of additional foreign-language subtitle tracks in our flagship DVD products. Allow me to elaborate. Those of you who have purchased our Lost Seminars DVDs by Morihiro Saito Sensei will have noted the detailed English subtitles contained in these programs. Virtually every word spoken in Japanese is rendered into English providing viewers with the ability to follow very closely and review the seminar content at their leisure. The net result is that aikidoka who never had exposure to this great master during his lifetime now have an opportunity to access his teachings directly.

Our recently released Seigo Yamaguchi: A Seminar in Paris DVD offers another example of this process carried one step further. In this case, Christian Tissier Sensei’s interpretation during Yamaguchi Sensei’s seminar is in French. The subtitle tracks of this program include the original French and an English translation. This particular product serves as a model of where we would like to go with this effort.

At the present time we would like to focus on the French language since this country has the largest number of aikido practitioners and, until now, we have been unable to adequately serve this market. This pilot project of systematically creating French subtitle tracks for our more popular DVDs will pave the way for the subsequent addition of other languages.

Qualifications of translators

For the initial phase, we are seeking nine native French speaking voluteers with the following qualifications:

– Preferably residents of France who have a strong command of English.
– Must have access to a computer with the Windows XP (or Windows 2000) operating system.
– Must possess the ability to follow simple instructions concerning the installation and use of the subtitling software.

Although we are seeking volunteers to donate their time we will gladly compensate participants with credit that can be redeemed for Aikido Journal products. We will also prominently display the names of the translators in the DVD as contributors to the project.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the subtitling project, please proceed as follows:

Click here and provide contact details.
– Select “Subtitling Project” from the “Topic” drop-down list.
– Provide details of your language background and translation experience after which you will be contacted by our staff.

Thank you very much!

Stanley Pranin

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