Recommended link: “Heaven’s Wind: The Nakamura Tempu Story” by Stephen Earle

The following link has been selected based on its potential interest to a wide segment of Aikido Journal readers.

“A contemporary of Ueshiba Morihei, Nakamura also had a deep and lasting influence on the aikido
community; this because a number prominent aikido deshi in the 1950s and 60s split their time between Hombu Dojo and the Tempukai. The most famous of these was Tohei Koichi. Many of the warm-up exercises and “ki practices” that Tohei introduced into Aikido–the “unbendable arm” test, for example–came from the Tempukai, and the term “mind-body unification” used by Tohei to describe his brand of aikido when he split from the Aikikai in 1974 is borrowed directly from Tempu’s philosophy.”

This essay provides an excellent introduction to the life of Nakamura Tempu, a philosopher and swordsman who had a large impact on the postwar development of aikido.
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  1. That’s interesting. Always good to find the lineage of useful teaching tools. Thanks Taisho, too for the wiki reference.

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