“Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars, Part 7” released!

The “Lost Seminars,” your Encyclopedia of Aikido Techniques!

We are pleased to announce the availability of another outstanding DVD by Morihiro Saito Shihan, 9th dan, the seventh instalment of the exceptional “Lost Seminars” technical series by one of Founder Morihei Ueshiba’s most famous students. Titled Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars, Part Seven, this information-packed DVD presents never-before-seen footage of Saito Sensei as he appeared in 1994 while teaching a seminar in San Diego, California. With this new title, the accumulated seminar footage in the Lost Seminars” series comes to about 14 hours in length!

With a runtime of a whopping 169 minutes, “Lost Seminars, Part 7” covers in great detail iriminage, kotegaeshi, and koshinage techniques from numerous different attacks including both basic and ki no nagare variations. Saito Sensei reveals the depth of Iwama Aikido in his own inimitable teaching style delivering an essential instalment of still more of the vast technical curriculum bequeathed by the Founder of Aikido.

Morihiro Saito is the author of the highly acclaimed technical series, Traditional Aikido, published in the early 1970s and Takemusu Aikido series published by Aiki News. Saito enrolled as a student of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba in 1946. One of the art’s foremost technicians, he was the acknowledged authority on Aikido weapons training. Saito operated Ueshiba’s private dojo in Iwama, Japan and served as caretaker of the Aiki Shrine for more than 30 years. He traveled extensively throughout the world for over three decades teaching his comprehensive aikido training methods.

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