Brian Kagen pick: “Jane Curtis – A martial artist making a difference” by Paul Rest

“Jane Curtis – A martial artist making a difference Jane Curtis, a second degree black belt in Aikido, has created a unique program for a very unique clientele. The “FA.T.H.E.R.S. Program Guide” brings family literary and much more to the inmate populations of San Quentin State Prison and Marin County Jail facilities. Jane recognized this was a way to offer learning to a population that often enters the correctional system with poor reading skills.

The program revolves around a simple idea: by teaching inmates to read to their children using children’s picture books, they may then be motivated to improve their own reading skills. After completing the program, inmates select Gift Books for the children in their lives, and these are purchased new and sent to them.”

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  1. Good job! (I recall several senseis tried to do a demo at San Quentin years ago. They didn’t allow enough time to get through security.)

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