Brian Kagen pick: “Cyndy Hayashi – A martial artist making a difference” by Paul Rest

“Cyndy is a 6th degree black belt in Aikido. She has studied the martial art since 1977 when she began training in San Francisco at Aikido of San Francisco. In 1979 Cyndy traveled to Japan where she studied with Morihiro Saito, Shihan. She trained with him for a period of nine months total. Part of that stay was as a live in house student or uchideshi. In 1980, Saito Sensei awarded her the rank of shodan or 1st degree black belt.

Upon her return to the States, she began training at Aikido West with Frank Doran, Shihan. She has continued to train and teach at Aikido West where is she is now daisempai. She states she began training with Doran Sensei because she “found his classes challenging.” Doran Sensei soon became the teacher she felt she could follow for the rest of her life. He was inspirational. I asked Cyndy how Aikido has influenced her life and who she is in the world. She remarked that her training has saved on five separate occasions when she was attacked. It is not so much that she was successful in defending herself but that she responded with the appropriate response to the different attacks. Deadly force was needed only on one occasion.”

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  1. Well, good for Cyndy! The techniques usually take care of the situation themselves. Stay in the form and the form takes care of everything. Both defeat and injury seem to come from “doing” the technique. In any case, am sure that whoever was on the receiving end deserved what they got. Hope Cyndy didn’t spend a decade in legal Hell to get a “justifiable homicide” out of it.

  2. Brett Jackson says:

    Bravo! I wonder if Cindy-San liked the movie “The Brave One.” When I read, “Deadly force was needed only on one occasion,” I too thought this meant that she had to kill someone (using Aikido?). However, after reading the article I believe that this is not what was meant (since nothing was mentioned about that). Probably what was meant was something like: only on one occasion did she fear for her life and have to inflict serious damage on the attacker.

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