“Discussion with Alan Ruddock, the first Irish Aikido practitioner PDF” by Guillaume Erard

“G.E.: You then became the representative in Ireland for the Japan Karate Association. Did you set up some kind of official organisation?

A.R.: I actually contacted the British Karate Federation and initially joined up with them. Later I formed the Irish Karate-Do Society. The Japan Karate Association was not in Europe at that time. They arrived after I had joined the Merchant Navy. Tetsugi Murakami Sensei was the man we learned from. He had learned in Mochizuki’s school in Japan where they studied Judo, Aikido and Karate.”

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  1. HIPS…?

    A.R.: As I said already, I don’t think magic or the supernatural came into it. If you meet someone from the Amazon rainforest and use your mobile phone to get something they want dropped to where you are by helicopter, they may think that is magic. However, once they get a mobile themselves, they will realise how easy it actually was for you. In terms of O-Sensei’s ability, if you begin to understand the real meaning of Ai Ki, his ‘mobile phone’ is within your grasp!

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