Brian Kagen pick: “Aikido master’s prowess lives up to literature” by Yvonne Zacharias

“Few here know that the controversial Mustard was once the chief foreign instructor at the martial art’s headquarters in Japan and is considered by many to be the best non-Japanese instructor of yoshinkan aikido in the world.

What’s more, he is a central figure in the book Angry White Pyjamas. It was written by Oxford poet Robert Twigger, who took an 11-month, brutally demanding course of training at the dojo in Japan under Mustard and other instructors in the mid-1990s.”

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  1. A little long, but worth reading. You can “pass” aikido without getting warrior spirit. That way you have something to write about. If (when) you get warrior spirit, there is little “conflict” with which to fill the pages. That’s why “Giving In To Get Your Way” by Terry Dobson is so marvelous.

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