“Tapping into the Subconscious” by Gregor Erdmann

“I don’t claim to be an expert on psychology or NLP. I can however provide insights into using the subconscious based on my own experience which should be of assistance to those who are a little sceptical of such things.

Firstly we must acknowledge the existence of the part of our mind which lurks in the background. It is the part of our mind which takes a high level command such as ‘walk over there’ and co-ordinates the complex actions of individual muscles to allow us to perform the task. It is also the part of our mind which records all sensory inputs passes a tiny subset up to our consciousness and interprets the majority as a ‘gut feeling’ or hunch.”

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  1. Am told that O Sensei was always doing inexplicable things as he followed his inclinations. As a martial artist, following your inclinations makes you an unpredictable target. Villains love routines. Of course, part of your inclination, after a while, is to have a sudden irresistable impulse to share shihonage with a stranger who, for no apparent reason, is pushing you (or something)…

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