Brian Kagen pick: “Martial Arts Biography – Peyton Quinn” by Peyton Quinn

“I had studied traditional Asian martial arts (karate & Judo) since I was about 14 years of age. Working as a bouncer changed my view of what true self defense training should involve. Physical technique was the focus in my Asian system studies, but now that I had seen hundreds of actual fights and had been forced to defend myself on scores of occasions, I had to recognize that what I was seeing and experiencing was the reality of actual fighting.

At first I didn’t seem to be able to use the things I had learned in my martial arts training in the actual fights I was involved in. It all seemed to happen so fast that all I could seem to do was to try to hit the guy in the head with a closed fist with my right hand (a mistake). Yet, I was reasonably skilled at so many martial techniques and I had won more than few “contact” tournaments. After a few weeks on the job I began to realize that I was now able to use my martial arts techniques. (Though I really used only the same few over & over.)”

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  1. This is worth reading. At least I agree with it. I call it “the dialogue of predation” and it’s done with body language. Nadeau sensei’s interpretation is, “Own your space.”

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