Brian Kagen pick: “Intended Movement Without Intention” by Marc Abrams

“My friend and I were talking last night and he told me about these Japanese researchers who were working on a body suit with micro motors in the fabric with sensors that read the electrical activity in the area of intended body movement. The goal was to help people with impaired movement, move normally with the assistance of the body suit. One of the findings was that the movements from the suit preceded the muscles firing in the person’s body. My friend, who is a skilled, Chinese martial artist, raised this topic because we were discussing the issue of engaging in intended movement without conscious intention. This research finding confirmed my belief that conscious, intended movement can be perceived by someone else, even without physical contact. The concept of intended movement without conscious intent corresponds to the saying that when you are in a fight, if you have to think about what you do, it is too late.

When we practice, I often speak of the importance of once you have made a connection with the attacker, concentrate only on the nature of your own movements. If you have made a good connection, as you move, so to shall that person. If you have in your mind what you are going to do to the other person, then you frequently find that the technique does not work cleanly, smoothly, or even at all. We practice techniques countless times in order to train our bodies to go through a sequence of correct movements without having to think about what we are doing with our bodies. In essence, we are training our bodies to engage in a pattern of intended movements without conscious intent.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    It would be interesting to see what level of thought it takes to activate the micro-motor-suit.

    Obviously, there are some artificial limbs that work that way now, with muscle flex, and I saw a hardwire adaption to a man’s brain through his skull to activate his artificial extensions, but a a suit … we approach … practical application, not just theory.

    Then again, what frequency of thought are the sensors tuned into, and do the researchers tune out the frequencies that are what we attempt to tune into when we “act without thinking” … did you think about that? It could be, they purposely tune out those frequencies of thought that the brain tunes into, the other levels of thought that are, more often than not, the faster than light thoughts that go on outside what your waking mind thinks as you walk, talk, and read these words here on the screen.

    It would be an interesting experiment to try. but there must be a way to filter out dangerous thoughts from being activated into motion because more often than not this untapped area is where fantasy and controlled thoughts of anger, rage, and savagery are kept penned up. Would tapping into this part of the brain for an UNTRAINED MIND let loose the proverbial Pandora’s box? It just might ..

    One other thought came to me, just now. What if … in using the suit to connect to this faster-than-light-thoughts our brain can reach we lose the filter between that part of our brain and our slower living everyday conscious thinking? Will we go mad? Will our body age unexpectedly quickly as our body clock thinks a day is a week or a month?

    So be careful what you wish for … it might be a horror story come to life …

  2. Went to a presentation by a fellow who developed a “move by thought” hand for DAARPA. DAARPA was thinking “fly and shoot by thought”. He was thinking, “give my paralyzed daughter a life”.

    There was something I read about that I haven’t had time/energy to follow up called “The Diogenes Project”. It’s about cataloging and interpreting body language and facial expression. Founded by a cop who, correctly, didn’t shoot an armed opponent. His question to himself, “How did I KNOW he wouldn’t shoot?”

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