“Non-martial artists” by John Meakin

Many people who participate in Aikido are not martial artists and do not follow martial arts per se. Some of us regular people are explorers, travellers and artists. We are on a lateral journey including Aikido and Budo principles as we go through our lives. There are no strait lines in Aikido, (not even through the grading system), especially metaphysically.

I would like to give all of the non-martial artists, (applying themselves in a martial practice) my complete support and encouragement. It really is about personal evolution. (At times I would remind myself that, “all the trees haven’t fallen down so it is only my personal problem which is fixable and not a global reality. This worked for me anyway) Everything does get better.

After pinning down rolling, the tricky parts of Uke, we can celebrate with gusto the thrill of being thrown.
Even as we move further into the unknown unknowns, the enquiring, creative mind takes it all onboard and embraces it.

The choir of Aikido is, normally, in three parts. Even though we know there are many variations on this theme. The structure is what really makes it work.

Bass, alto, Soprano.

The Bass … The grounded heavy centre/energy/posture is the foundation and driving force.

The Alto … The upper torso sitting on that foundation working as a revolving turret giving us the mid range more flexible sound.

The Soprano … Is the release of the elbows/arms from the hips/body giving us the CELEBRATION of energy as it is thrown out as Kokyu.

Let’s CELEBRATE and enjoy being Human and our humanity. Leave our mobile phones at home.


  1. Well spoken, well said (or written). Often forgotten is the fact that the majority of people who practice aikido do not rely on it to save their lives on a daily basis, nor are they required to do so. Thanks for putting things in a good perspective.


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