“The Context Reframe” by Gregor Erdmann

“Everything we say, do or think has its meaning based on its context. By altering the context in which something is said, we can dramatically change its meaning.

A splendid example of a context reframe Chris Howard talks about in his empowerment seminars relates to an interview with Celine Dion at a time where her husband we receiving bad publicity over a gambling problem. In the interview, Celine is asked whether her husband’s gambling has been a problem, and in reply she states that it has been a Godsend and how her husband had gambled on her and mortgaged his house to assist her in her early career. In this new light, his gambling is not a bad thing, but in fact a very great thing. A 180 degree turn around, with no resisting or fighting back.”

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  1. Gambling, and most things, are problems only in context. If you gamble and win, well, you were audacious, maybe entrpreneurial. If you lose, well, as much as we celebrate winners, “loser” is a pejorative. Gambling on things where in the long run the only winner is “the house”, like lotteries, indicates either a math deficit, or something else that needs some work.

    I tend to be persistent and inquisitive; alternatively pig-headed stubborn and nosy. Now, when my persistence runs up against insuperable odds, Quixotic is the most favorable description in English. I prefer “samurai”: ‘To die without fulfilling your intention IS to die a dog’s death… It isn’t fanaticism, simply the Way of a warrior.’ – Hagakure

  2. Good point! It is related to outcome as well!

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