“Atemi is 80% of aikido” by Patrick Parker

“A commonly-cited rule of thumb is that 80% of all problems in aikido can be solved with atemi (striking techniques). That’s probably not the result of any sort of scientific study – rather, it is an anecdote that serves to emphasize the importance of atemi in aikido – but let me run with that 80% statistic a little.
The Pareto principle would suggest that 80% of all problems can be solved by 20% of all techniques. If you say there are about 20 unique fundamental techniques in Tomiki aikido, then 20% of that would be four techniques. What are your 4 tokuiwaza (best/favorite techniques) from aikido?”

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  1. This is interesting, but I think that atemi is also a useful technical metric. In many places where directions change in a technique, there is room for atemi. If you can make the hit in each of those places, your technique is well calibrated. If you can’t…

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