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“Araki Mujinsai’s antecedents are not clear, but it is believed that he is from the family of Araki Murashige who served as a general under Oda Nobunaga. There are several references to that assumption in historical records.

Araki Mujinsai made his name in war. He fought in the Chosen no Eki [war with Korea] and was awarded by Taiko Hideyoshi, from whom he received the title, Nihon Kaizan, literally “Japan’s opener of mountains”, a title which usually refers to the founder of a movement. It is interesting that one of Takenouchi-ryû founders also was awarded the title, Hika Kaizan, literally “Opener of mountains under the sun”. What is striking is that if the kanji for Hika is sloppily written, and could easily be read as Nihon, or vice-verse.”

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