“Aikido is great for self defense!” by Patrick Parker

“#If they are not letting you push back, you need to be doing something simple, reflexive, and extremely effective. Something like shomenate, aigamaeate, or gyakugamaeate. Or, if you don’t do Japanese aikido jargon, if they won’t let you disengage, bust them in the face with a palm-heel and drive them off of you.

#Everything else in aikido, all the wristlocks, throws, etc… is a backup plan for the above. These are all special purpose things that help fill in the corners in situations that a good palmheel to the chin won’t solve.

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  1. Terry Dobson showed something like that at an aikido Summer Retreat years ago. I didn’t get it. Why was that person falling? He declined to demonstrate that if I didn’t fall for myself, it would hurt a lot. Falling away from a hit is a concept that gets little attention, but is pretty uniquely aikido.

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