“Aikidô and Self-Inquiry” by Seishiro Endo

“Rapid advances in science and technology have made life for humans convenient and efficient. It is becoming an age in which computers are treated like omnipotent gods, and human beings are handing over the driver’s seat to science. To be a bit extreme, human beings are starting to be divided into those who utilize computers and those who are managed by them. Humans are starting to have no choice but to concede to the whims of machines, even enduring rejection by them.

Science and technology will continue to advance. Extreme competition and other negative consequences for humans resulting from such advances may become topics of debate, but it is not likely that such debates will lead to actual suppression of progress. The main reason for this would most likely be the rationale that it is economically impossible or unfeasible for anything with the power of suppression to exist. Already we are paying the price, such as increased stress, increases in medical conditions that cannot be easily treated by modern medicine, and degeneration of bodily functions due to toxic environmental pollutants like endocrine disrupters. Knowing this, is it not possible for humanity to get off this track of “progress” that we have started on?”

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  1. Brett Jackson says:

    Goal is to “seek Aikido as way and not [merely] as ‘jutsu’ (technique)”. Aikido as way embraces Aikido as technique but is more than that — of course provided that it is sought after as a way. That is why Aikido can be a true martial art. This is the key to understanding the classic Aikido paradox of how a martial art can be a way to peace (or even love). It also indicates how human beings are more (should be more) than technicians.

    Endo Sensei kindly called me up for ukemi once in Hombu dojo back in 1994 when I was visiting there with a group of students from Singapore with Chang Sensei. His words and his Aikido (as well as what I felt of his presence) are in true alignment.

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