Brian Kagen pick: “Teja Bell – A martial artist making a difference” by Paul Rest

“He received a black belt ranking in Tae Kwon Do Karate with In Mok Kim, a 9th degree black belt in that art. A younger Teja competed in tournaments and did full contact fighting. Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong followed, taught by Li Leita–who was a lineage Master in the “Yang Style.” He continued his Aikido studies with Robert Nadeau Shihan and Frank Doran Shihan at City Aikido in San Francisco. During this time he notes that he “created a series of advanced training programs for students preparing for black belt level examinations as well as creating and teaching children’s Aikido program[s] at the old Tam Dojo– what is now Aikido of Tamalpais. He also trained with the well-known Aikidoists Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Wendy Palmer Sensei and George Leonard Sensei. In 1984 he traveled to Japan where he studied with the late Saito Sensei and lived at the Iwama Dojo.

Upon returning to the States, Teja studied with Bruce Kumar Frantizis in “Chinese Internal Martial Arts” as well as Qigong. He learned six systems: Dragon and Tiger, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, Bend the Bow, Energy Gates, Spiraling Energy Body and Gods Playing in the Clouds. He also learned the three systems of Chinese internal martial arts: Wu Style (long form and short form), Xing-Yi and BaGua. He also studied with Sifu Paul Dillon, learning the esoteric martial art and meditation system known as “Liu He Ba Fa.” Under Sifu Dillon’s direction, Teja also trained in Neigong, Tai Chi Ruler as well as the “12 Animal” forms and “the complete and extensive two-part Long Form.”

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  1. I remember Teja. Glad to hear of him.

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