“It’s Not Too Late” by Seishiro Endo

“When I first saw the TV news of the terrorist attacks on America (9.11.01), I thought it was just a fire. Then came information that airplanes had struck some buildings and speculation that they were terrorist acts. Next were the images of the plane striking the second building. I was glued to the TV and the repeating images of the moment of impact. I believed that a terrible thing had happened.

Several days after the incident, I glanced at an article in a Japanese sports newspaper. Several lines of comment by a famous American baseball player caught my attention. He said, “We play baseball here in America, pleasing many fans, and are seen as heroes. But in this tragedy, what can we do? Absolutely nothing.””

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  1. You can only do what you can do. Brave French fought and died in the Maginot Line in 1940. St Exupery flew reconnaissance missions. If you’re not in the focus of the action, you can’t influence it. Training is for what you’ll do if you ARE on the spot.

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