“Stanley Pranin – Just a collector with a passion for aikido” by Jaqueline von Arb

Stanley Pranin… the name rings a bell, doesn’t it? It should! That’s the editor-in-chief of THE Aikido Journal. Thanks to Stanley Pranin, many of the videos of O’Sensei and other early masters are available for study on DVD, on and on YouTube. Stanley Pranin is also the man behind the DVD “Christian Tissier – An Aikido Odyssey.”

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  1. Clark Bateman says:

    This is good stuff… and does highlight the concern for the objective preservation of Aikido history, as each generation and each “faction” is putting its spin on the subject. This is the “Information Age”, and the means to preserve are there, but the interest to do so is lacking. Stan can’t do it by himself, so those who can see the importance should ask themselves “What can I do to help?”.

  2. Brandon Clapp says:

    Thanks for sharing this, glad others get to read what we have the privilege of hearing here in Vegas.

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