Brian Kagen pick: “When the Last Sword is Drawn” from

“This movie was a nice surprise gem on Hulu. I wasn’t expecting to be emotional but you can’t really help it since the storyline and characters draw you into human fundamentals such as honor, family, humility, gratitude, sacrifice, and duty (while kicking major butt with a samurai sword). We all strive to be better and to be able to provide and support a family. Some times this means making difficult sacrifices and I love how the main character does this with such humility and graciousness.

There are times that it gets confusing since the time line jumps forward and backwards, but if you are drawn into the story, it’s easy to put it together eventually. There are super sappy, tear jerker moments, and I dare you NOT to cry at scenes like when he was abandoning his family and the son refusing to leave and says “she doesn’t deserves to have the father she loves go without a word.” Then the adorable 5 year old daughter murmuring, Papa….Papa. I was lifting weights while I was watching this and I swear a surge of estrogen shot up – not only did I stink of sweat, I had to wipe tears with a sweaty hand. If I were drinking a Bud and riding a Harley, I don’t think it would have stopped the water works.”

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