“Principle Transcends Ego” by Will Gable

“I want to start this discussion linking to the last session in relation to the insights that have come from being able to practice and move from just “being awareness”. First, simple awareness almost always escapes most of us because we are caught up in the mind field of distractive thinking, or the heaviness sometimes of imbalanced emotion that consumes the possibility of just being consciousness awareness in any moment.

Now, one may ask what does this have to do with the practice of Aikido and how can you apply this to self defense or anything for that matter. We seem to start our journey in Aikido practice from some wide parameters of movement and as we travel along our parameters get smaller and tighter in relation to what we are trying to do in becoming a more efficient practitioner. With this we start to become aware that the more we practice from our integrated principled perspective wholistically and trust this un conditioned condition, the more we can let go into the “unknown”.

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