Oil on canvas painting depicting Aikido scene by Drew Gardner

“Thank you for considering my work. Someone not trained in the painting arts might overlook my chosen colors of green and red; they are opposites to go along with the yin/yang theme. I have recently completed a painting with oil on canvas. The 20×24″ realism piece depicts an eager, perhaps twelve-year-old Japanese girl beginning to throw a twenty-year-old male uke. She is employing the technique of shihonage. She wears a white dogi jacket and pants, while he wears a white jacket and a hakama. Portrayed in a number of ways, the blending of yin and yang is my primary theme.”

Click here to download a larger version of this painting.

Drew Gardner
Yonkyu, Aikido Schools of Ueshiba


  1. I think you are truly a genius and extremely talented! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with all of us!

  2. I am selling super-premium Giclee prints of this painting on 20×24″ gallery wrapped, satin-finished canvas. If somebody has a question, please email me at The price for a print is $100 US, including shipping.

    The photo I have selected for printmaking is different from the photo here on Aikido Journal. It can be found at my book site,

    Drew Gardner

  3. Prints of “Blending of Opposites” are now reserved as gifts for my friends.

    Drew Gardner

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