“The Preservation of Aikido through Basics” by Dylan Amerine

“In the United States, the rank of sandan in Aikido can take ten years to achieve, often even longer. This accomplishment is a significant milestone and as I stand at this point in my training career I contemplate the real meaning of the rank…”

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  1. …and in America sandan may be the highest rank you ever achieve. Addressing the title of your piece, though, I love Saito Sensei (the elder) for preserving a basic teaching system rather than publicly exploring esoteric variations.

  2. Dear Dylan Amerine Sensei,

    Thank-you for sharing your article. The basics and a good foundation are important in so many arts but too often done in haste. My late sensei stressed a good solid foundation built on basic techniques. He had students leave him time and again because of the “boredom” you allude to. Those that remained benefit from that instruction today. Ironically even though he was USAF trained, his commitment to good form and not sloppy technique, is very much similar to Iwama style training.

    In gassho,
    Mark E. White

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