Brian Kagen pick: “Advice from a Judo World Champion” by Patrick Parker

“Judo advice from Dr. AnnMaria Demars: … I think once every few months the instructors should schedule a ‘no students’ workout and get together. There should be 90 minutes of people just showing each other drills or new techniques that they have been thinking about. This should be followed by 90 minutes of beer-drinking and swapping lies about how good and good-looking we all used to be.

I’m all for this. We already do a version of this with our Aiki Buddies Gathering in the Fall of each year, but it’s not always instructors-only. It’s a doable concept on a lot of scales – you could do regional, state, or multi-state instructor hookups for judo, judo&BJJ, or even more diverse. The concept works best to improve the instructors if it is an informal thing with everyone contributing – and if everyone contributes, you have to limit the scope of the thing in order to give each instructor a few minutes to share and stay within the 90 (or 120) minute time limit (of course, if you did 120 minutes of judo, you’d have to expand the beer-drinking accordingly to maintain balance…).”

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