“Essay about Aikido and Yoga”

“Aikido, roughly translated into “the way of unifying life energy,” is an exciting martial art originating from Japan. The primary focus of aikido is that of grappling, which features many throws and joint locks. In aikido, the goal is to match motions with your opponent so that you can use his own momentum against him. The art originated in the late 1800s as Morihei Ueshiba’s synthesis of various martial arts he had studied throughout his life, including judo and jujutsu. Aikido also incorporates weapons such as the staff and the spear. When writing a research paper on aikido, it is helpful to gain at least a basic understanding of other Japanese martial arts which affected Ueshiba, and in turn, affected the development of aikido.

Suggested martial arts for research include judo, jujutsu (datio-yu aiki-jujutsu specifically), tenjin shin’yo-ryu, gotoha yagyu shingan-ryu, and finally, kenjutsu. There are many resources available for one seeking research in martial arts, although as with any research paper, your best resource may be,, and As with any research paper, you should decide upon the topics you want to touch on ahead of time, whether that be through an outline, mental note, or physical list of subjects. Some subjects that apply to aikido directly would be history of the art, a short biography on it’s founder, religious and philosophical ideals, techniques, and organizational structure. After deciding on some topics to cover, you need to determine where and how you are going to obtain your information. As any good researcher knows, the Internet is possibly your best source for information, and due to aikido’s relative lack of recognition when compared to martial arts such as tae-kwon-do, karate, or judo, finding enough information in a library may be difficult.”

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