Brian Kagen pick: “New York Aikikai Etiquette”

“1. The first and most obvious rule in any martial arts dojo is bowing. To simplify things you should bow upon entering and leaving the dojo, getting on and off the training area, and any time other people are bowing.

Some dojos require a certain type of bow, how deep you bow, how long you stay down, where you look, et cetera. New York Aikikai doesn’t really give specifics on such things. Most people don’t really care, but because Aikido is peaceful, we don’t usually maintain eye contact with someone when we bow (except during randori).”

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  1. When in Rome do as the Romans do, if for no other reason than courtesy.
    Same goes for Japan.
    Etiquette that is not sincere or is forced is no etiquette at all but fake, meaningless and cultish.
    If you have authentic respect, the details generally take care of themselves and omissions will be understood by reasonable people.
    Unreasonable people are merely neurotic.
    Associating with unreasonable people can be risky.
    Anyone who takes himself or others too seriously or not seriously enough is a fool.
    Balance comes from commonsense.
    And pseudo-budo has no real or meaningful chain of command since it will not be deployed in real battle, so lighten up brother before you blow a fuse.

  2. That’s why I train at a UFC style gym,no bowing,no picture on the gi’s…and works in a Real fight.

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