“Seth Godin on Aikido and Judo” by Patrick Parker

“You can brute-force your way through martial arts, even including aikido and judo, and get to a certain point. You can even get into the black belt ranks with this approach, but you are self-limiting. You will reach an age where you cannot continue to put more and more into it in order to get better and better. At some point you are going to have to buy into the “maximum efficient use of power” ideal in judo or the aiki ideal in aikido. When you do, there will be a while during which you aren’t able to get the results with the weakness approach that you used to be able to get with the strength approach. In other words, while you are becoming more efficient, for a while you’ll suck.”

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  1. I guess the transition has been a little more gentle for me. Rather than a dichotomy between efficient and powerful, have been looking for the often narrow paths that lead to efficient techniques while not breaking any ukes.

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