Brian Kagen pick:”The Master and the Champion” by Rob Redmond

“A long time ago, in a land far, far way, there lived two boys. The two boys were fast friends, and they could be seen together every day. When one of them wanted to swim in the river, the other went with him. When one of them wanted to ride horses, the other went with him. When one of them had chores to do, the other one helped him. They were always together in everything that they did.

One afternoon, while the boys were down by the river skipping stones, some other boys a little older than they were came walking by. They saw the two boys standing by the river laughing and throwing rocks, and they decided that since no one was around, they could do as they pleased.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    So, either for comedy or for a real life lesson … the less talented thinking man can become a better teacher than the champion?

    As in life, some things are true and some are not, but to examine the irony of so many people seeking a great champion to teach them …. we fools today still seek the great champions and the most proficient to teach us. We are great fools … are we not? (At least that is the lesson of the story.)

  2. Hmmm… for every good moral there’s a joke: if you can do it, do it. If you can’t…. teach. (if you can do neither consult?)

    Have always enjoyed the analytic and have never been “a natural” as to whether that makes me a great teacher, well, probably not. Maybe the problem is that enough analysis and practice yields movements that are pretty natural. Every time I effortlessly catch something I just dropped it gives me a smile. In my youth it would have dropped right to the floor.

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