Brian Kagen pick: “David Lukoff, Ph.D. a martial artist making a difference” by Paul Rest

“His work in the field of ‘spiritual emergency’ has resulted in this condition no longer being viewed as a psychopathological disorder, but rather one now recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual- DSM-IV (which, as he notes, everyone calls “the Bible of mental illness”) as a valid psychological emergency. This critical work has helped end the pathologizing of a spiritual emergency or crisis—situations that can result from any number of body/mind practices such as yoga, meditation and qigong as well as from life changes.

David maintains the Spiritual Competency Resource Center site which provides information to both health professionals and the public “about types of spiritual crises, differential diagnostic issues, and treatment, as well as a spiritual emergency forum for posting personal experiences.” He has addressed a wide variety of issues over the years, from questions about the use of herbs to information requests about the validity of an on-line dream site as a resource for helping someone plagued by chronic nightmares.”

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