An Unsolicited Reader’s Comment

“Woke up to all three of your mails this morning and the glad tidings… I don’t know if you post praise on your site or not, but here goes. I found your site listed on a blog, which was heavily criticizing a company I’d just bought something from. The criticisms were spot on. Your site was held up as a model of how an internet site should be run and so it is. So to everyone out there, use this site to the limit. At some stage I’ll get around to subscribing as well. So thank you for all your efforts to sort this order out, good luck and prosperity in the future.”



  1. Beside being a good place to buy things, Stan deserves thanks from (at least) the whole English speaking aikido community for presenting an overview of aikido and related arts both today and historically. Oh, and I should also mention I owe several techniques and training forms to his teaching as well… 😉

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