Brian Kagen pick: “PR Training: Aikido, Calligraphy and Kototama” by Susan Harrow

“This weekend John Stevens, a 7th dan Aikikai and Buddhist priest came to our dojo, Bay Marin Aikido. Stevens, who has written over thirty books on Buddhism, Aikido and Asian culture, is considered one of the foremost authorities on Aikido. The experience was enriching, wild-hearted and intense.

Beginners and experienced Aikidokas (Aikido practitioners) were challenged by Stevens’ examples of how to practice. He demonstrated eight ways of practicing the first pillar of Aikido, Shiho-Nage, 4-directions throw, which we were then to practice. A bit of chaos ensued. The mood of the dojo was filled with excitement, joy, bewilderment, a place of opening, which had us laughing and sometimes straining to understand.”

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  1. Gary Ohama says:

    We have been doing an annual workshop with Professor John Stevens for about fifteen years now and can wholeheartedly agree with your enthusiasm. He links the breath and sound functions of life into practical application. On youtube there are videos of his big brush calligraphy illustrating his application of his teachings. We are sponsoring him in October of this year. There is an announcement in the Events Section of

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