“Interview with Saito Sensei” by Franziska Roller and Miles Kessler

” Morihiro Saito Sensei: The main difference is surely that there are no tournaments or competitions in aikido. The Founder studied a variety of different martial arts, competed against many other disciplines and realized that competition is not necessary. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido, a beautiful world that is like the house of a big family; to never compete again. The Founder wrote a poem that says, “This beautiful form of heaven and earth is a single family created by the guardian spirit.” This world is like the house of a big family. This is the feeling of aikido.

Besides that, this martial art is completely rational. I think that every martial art is rational; however, for aikido this is especially true. Anyone can practice, understand, and reason with it. It is not a martial art only for strong or fit people. Children and elderly alike can all enjoy training and become good Aikidoka. I have tried many different martial arts, but I think it was this that I liked about aikido.”

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