“Reactive vs Proactive” by Gregor Erdmann

“Intuitively, living proactively seems to be the best option, but what does it actually mean and how can we do it? Being an article on Aikido, it makes sense to start with its relevance to martial arts practice.

In every day training we encounter forces through the impact of strikes or grabs, and often we may required to stop or redirect these forces. Likewise, when we throw an attacker we encounter resisting forces as a result of their inertia. ”

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  1. If you’re dealing with inertia, except by choice, you haven’t quite “gotten” the beauty of the techniques. There are skeleto muscular weaknesses which must be in some way isometric. It doesn’t take much to tip the balance, pun intended, to imbalance. Seems that most aikido techniques work that way, if you REALLY get it. Does that mean I always get it? No, but…

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