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“Okuyama was an instructor of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu which he studied from two people Kyoju Dairi Matsuda (Toshimi) Hosaku[1] and later Takeda Sokaku himself. In 1938 Okuyama finished his studied with Takeda and published a martial art text called Daito-ryu Goshinjutsu (The Daito System of Self-Protection), later Okuyama founded the Dai-Nippon Shidokai (Greater Japan Way of the Samurai Association}[2] and began teaching what he called Daito Hiden Shido(Secret Daito-Ryu Way of the Samurai}. Okuyama’s first Dojo was located in Asahikawa and was called Nippon Shidokai Ryubukan, in 1939 he moved to Kanda and opened another dojo called Dai Nihon Shidokai, this marked the beginning of the split from Daito Ryu, by this time Takeda was very old and his son Tokimune was still very young, seeing no place for advancement in the Daito Ryu school, and being a skilled medical and martial person[3][4], Okuyama began to form his own system based on Daito Ryu Jujutsu and Daito Ryu Aiki no jutsu.”

The Hakkoryu Kaiso Hokokusai (ceremony proclaiming the founding of Hakkoryu) was held on June 1 1941[5] at the Shiba Tenso Jinja (Shinto shrine in the Shiba district of Tokyo}, on that date Hakko ryu was formed and Okuyama took the pen name Ryoho (spin of the Dragon). The Hakkoryu Kobujuku (private school for Hakkoryu study) was located in Kanda district of Tokyo, during world war II the allied Bombing grew to close, Okuyama and his family fled and joined the Mount Haguro sect of Shugendo (a mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism) in Yamagata Prefecture. The Hakkoryu Kobujuku was burned down during the bombing of Tokyo. In 1947 he moved to Omiya City (Saitama City) and founded the Hakkoryu So Hombu Dojo (Hakkoryu Juku Hombu Dojo), this is still the home city of Hakkoryu today.”

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